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Line Atallah

Zina, you're so talented! Wow! I love your drawings :)




I like your idea. Girl you got very cool drawings! Keep on entertaining us :)



I am writing you this since I thought it might interest you, but I don't have your contact neither do I use Facebook so I will just write it here. You can delete this comment after reading it.

Remember once I told you about a girl who does the same concept as you (drawing herself along with her experiences)? She's Maya Zankoul, and her blog got previously exposed on Future TV and Al-Horra. Well now she just got her blog published into a book, and she's signing it at the Art Lounge in Lebanon. Very cool idea.

Check it out:

ZinaComics - Illustrations

thanks rabih! actually i checked lots of similar blogs and i love them.
maya's blog is nice, penelope jolicoeur as well.
i hope when i'll have enough drawn material i'll publish.
bises !!! thanks for the thoughts and the encouragement.


this section is really good
i just discovered it :)


Yo! Just landed on your blog and I absolutely loved it.. Definitely adding it to my Google Reader list.

Thanks for your efforts.


zina as like adultery?


i love this... i love the illustrations and the work:) nice work i just discovered it my coincidance :) please do more illustrations:)


Nice work Zina. I like your drawings.
Keep it up...

Samir Saati

Hi Zina,
Loved your work!
Keep it up!

N.B. I shared one of your pieces on my facebook wall, with a link to your blog of course!



Hi Zeina,
a new fan here from Syria (living in UAE)

I got an email with one of your comics and it cracked the hell out of me...

Keep it up and waiting for more...


Carole Boudreau (facebook)

Your comics are so lovable and fresh, just love them, happy to have known you true a good photograph you know Amélie...


Very funny posts. Keep them coming.


great work Zina, very nice drawings and hilarious content!


Somehow ended up on your page.. Just wanted to tell ya I love your work! All the best


C'est tres sympa comme petite page de vie ... Julien


Nice web site keep up the smiles in those Beirut Vibes ......


Zina, I was so pleasantly surprised to overhear people talking about you and your artwork. It happened several times while I was visiting this time in Beirut! Keep it up!


Hello Zina, this is my first time here in your fantastic blog. I never heard about you (sorry) because I don't live in Lebanon, but my cousin sent me your "Lebanese Women, Diet, and housekeepers" draw, it's fantastic, it reminds me aunt and her friends in Byblos ..... Fantastic again.


Samar Shahine

Coussouma is my favorite one!!! I loved it.. It describes the Lebanese women society soooo well. I am sure you have more of this.. please go ahead and show us the fun..Bravo!!

Samar Shahine



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Hi Zina,

i love your work ! That's really great ! One of my friend sent me an email with one of your comics (le printemps à Montréal) and it's now on my blog ! You're welcome to visit my page.



karma j

very nice, talented and creative!
i love it and I wish you good luck.

Aghadjaniankaram Anne Marie

Hy Zina! je suis une Fan assidue de... Coussouma Toi! Viens de decouvrir le blog .Les voies de la reussite meritee sont multiples, tu en es au bout et c'est tres beau!

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