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February 01, 2010


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Lebanon is a racist place.


Poor maid
was it "can you bring Canderel" or "go bring Canderel" ?


Canderel is a brand of sweetener (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canderel) typically used to replace sugar with something less fatening (e.g. 0 calories)

Sara Nassar.

Zina ! tu devais ajouter aux femmes de verdin et d'ashrafieh les femmes de rabieh. c'est la nouvelle vague les rabiotes ! Elles sont fortes aussi ;)


AHhahaha j'aime la chute avec le Canderel!

J'├ętais ravie de te rencontrer au Victoria Park!



merci Audrwey:) pareillement!!

Zyad Yammine

hahahaha typiquement libanais :D

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No interpretation necessary, amigo. Greg Land traces from photos often, and I know for a fact the first picture displayed on the blog was taken from a porn pic of some chick giving herself a good rub down. The context for that frame is that in an issue of Ultimate fantastic four, Susan storm meets her mother, whom she thought had died or just left her dad when she was like 5, and apparently finds out that she was searching for atlantis the whole time.

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Love this new feature! love this page.


it is remarkable value that they have acquired some copies and the passion that this has generated through the years

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