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December 09, 2009


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hihihi!! :-D was at Beirut airport on monday night... nobody checked my underwear :P but the minute we stepped out of the plane and started walking towards the passport control area, suddenly everything got dark! yes! you guessed: power cut! AT THE AIRPORT! lol!! only for a few seconds, let's be fair, but still :P


LOL no way !!! :) walaw !!
i'm going there on the 23rd!

rima kazimi

miss u zina...
dont forget to see us when you come to beirut,,,,]

yala waiting for a reunion


okay question, why are you smiling in the "thinking" picture?


Those customs agents get on my nerves. They once opened my bag with a pen!

Pink Couture

Hi Zina! I just dicovered your blog and I'm impressed of you talent :) . I follow you! Kiss from Spain.


Very funny!!!
Tu me manques!


:) Really funny Zina and full of imagination, I enjoy having a look at your blog...out of the concept and I like that...keep up the good work!

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I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others'. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!

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hahaha yeah I guess that make a trip it's kind of stressful... specially in some countries like canada in america for example, well even the Us it's hard to get in.

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