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July 27, 2009


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SOOOOOOOOO TRUE ! GOOD JOB ZINA as always... Mwah mwah mwah

kamal hakim









lol salbeh... but I disagree on the friendly people thing :P

Fouphi Saade

Hahahahaha! Zina, celle-la est trop forte! I almost choked on my man'oushe while reading it =) Well done!


Nice one, I liked the powercut though and its timing, most Lebanese people brag about Lebanon as one of the best of countries but in fact it is not. I know people are patriotic and they love Lebanon for some reason. I mean in theory the location, weather and landscape of Lebanon is amazing however the actual prospects of it arent.

Nice, now polluted beaches, devastated mountains, blue skies... I wonder who hasnt any :p, amazing food, well on that point I would agree with you as to to the diversity of food and quality of the Lebanese cuisine.

Hospitalble and friendly people, thats how it were in the old times though this reputation is no longer here, people back-stab a lot each others its more than a duty a tradition to smile and offer food then a genuine approach, well for most people anyone, there is still handful of few that are able to maintain that authentically


hahaha, i like the choice of conversation, the representation of Lebanon in the minds of foreigners, the defending of Lebanon and then what Lebanon really is and then of course, the famous expression that we all say at least once a day!
I like you, you're funny


zina! it's hilarious!


haha...this is such a perfect example of Lebanese life!

raphael maksian

totally agree .....

i love lebanon it is a place to party go crazy summer times spend all what you saved in a year in 1 week and go back to where i can make money:) i agree with "Fouphi Saade" and i want to add. leaving lebanon is like going to rehab some make it and some can't. i made it :)


Samar Salem

Hi Hala it was great seeing you and spending time together. until next time...hilarious comic strip!


nice one... kes okhta el kaharaba!!!!!

Observation Hero

But she is using a laptop computer, and thus she should have the battery charged at all times. Now this joke would have been hilarious if the girl was using a desktop machine with no power back up.

Oh well, I have been eating too many manaquish and now my observation powers are extra ordinary.

Observation Hero
San Francisco, CA


thank god your eating manaquish not fool ya hero. nice one zina


fuck u zina ok sweety :D


looooool!! don't know one person to whom this hasn't happened at least once! ;-)

we live abroad and miss lebanon so much for months, then we go there for a few weeks, "and so it begins..." ;-)

gotta love our spirit though? always coming back with an open mind: "this time, it'll be different"... aaah, the tenacity of the lebanese heart :-) love it! ;-)


Ahahahahha excellent!!!



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Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?


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